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What You Need to Know When Buying a Tourniquet

Traumatic injuries are severe and can lead to bleeding is not stopped immediately, and this is where tourniquet comes in to help stop bleeding. In general, it is established that at least 20% of people who succumb to traumatic injuries lacking effective bleeding control, would be saved that effective bleeding control equipment. Serious injuries occur all the time around us, and sometimes we cannot help but watch helpless victims bleeds to death simply because we do not have the right equipment with us to help stop quick bleeding and hence having a tourniquet can come in handy during the time of need. When a leg or arm is seriously injured a lot of blood can be lost through the arteries, and the tricky part is that stopping blood flow to the leg or arm requires a lot of pressure that only a combat application tourniquet can provide. It is very difficult to use other kinds of methods to stop blood flow to a traumatically injured body part. When choosing a combat application tourniquet, it is important to know that there are various types of a tourniquet and he is what you need to look out for.

For you to be sure that the combat application tourniquet you want to purchase is the right one, consider whether the tourniquet is endorsed by medical research Institutions and check whether the product is patented. What patent an endorsement by a medical research Institute tells you is that the tourniquet has been tested both in the lab and in the field and has the highest percentage of success in the event of elevated hemorrhage. When considering purchasing our combat application tourniquet do not compromise on the patent and endorsement if you want to be sure that the product you are purchasing will be hundred percent effective in blood flow control in case of a traumatic wound. Some of the ways of checking whether the tourniquet you are purchasing is the right combat application tourniquet is checking for the proprietary red tip design and consider whether the tourniquet has been an official tourniquet used by the Army or any other military organization.

Another important consideration in choosing the right combat application tourniquet is checking the system utilized by the device to stop blood flow. Stopping bleeding from a traumatic injury depends on the amount of pressure applied and hence ensure that you lookout for a tourniquet that has a windlass system coupled with the free-moving internal bond that makes it possible to apply the required amount of pressure needed to stop bleeding. The advantage of a windlass system is that once they combat application tourniquet has been tightened, the windlass is locked into place once the bleeding stops and hence no need to keep applying pressure using the hands.

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